Our company President, Dave Woodbeck, sent the above slide deck to several members of our team this weekend, and I found it worthy of sharing on our blog.  I made the executive decision to tone down the actual title of the slide show (what the f**k is social media?) to prevent any misunderstandings from those who read the title and get scared away.

The actual content of the presentation is much less harsh than the title would imply.  The underlying theme throughout: you need to join the conversation!  You can't simply ignore the social interactions that are happening around your company, brand, clients, friends, family, etc.   While the tactics used to deliver messages may change, social interaction will only become more open and candid.  Like-minded individuals will be forming groups, talking, interacting, etc... and those that listen will be the ultimate winners in the social media landscape.

A clear sign of the fact that social media has reached a critical mass is the fact that there are literally hundreds of quality presentations about the vastness of the social media universe. In fact, there are far more presentations about how big social media IS than published case studies of social media success stories (hopefully that will change in the upcoming years, as those who are successful with social media start sharing their secrets).

Here is another powerful social media video that I highly recommend viewing: