Two weeks ago, I bared all and showed you our worst SEO project results. Today it's time to brag a little about some good results. Not very timely coming mid-way through 2009, but here we lay out our best project from 2008

What was your most successful SEO project? What went right and why?

Our most successful SEO Project in 2008 was the re-launch of <redacted>.com in 2008.  This project was very complex from an SEO standpoint, because it involved merging two completely different web sites into one unified site, requiring many seo techniques .  Under a truncated timeline and much pressure, Three Deep was able to analyze the new site from and SEO perspective and give detailed instructions on how what techniques to use to structure the site for maximum SEO results.  Specifically, during the transition process, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Performed extensive keyword research by gathering keywords from paid search, client lists, Google, WordTracker and Keyword Discovery.  Gathered thousands of keywords and then trimmed to a targeted keyword list.  Grouped keywords by theme, and ranked based on importance and competition in order to establish keyword priority plan for entire web site.
  • All content was run through our keyword research process and every article (over 500!) was put under an SEO microscope to make sure it was properly aligned with our keyword priority list.
  • In addition, all pages of content on both <redacted>.com and <redacted>.com needed to be properly redirected to pages on the new <redacted>.com site.  This involved mapping content from all pages on both sites and then permanently redirecting them to a comparable content section of the new site.
  • Located all sites linking to both <redacted>.com and <redacted>.com and cataloged the value of these links.  For sites that linked to pages that no longer existed on these two sites, we sent a request to the site Webmaster to have them update their link to point to the new site.
  • Found errors that Google was having crawling the new site and sent specific instructions on how to fix these errors.
  • Engaged in link building campaign that brought several new inbound links to <redacted>.com and corrected existing links that were pointing to pages that no longer existed.  Raised overall awareness of <redacted>.com web site as a result.

Obviously a lot more went into this site, but these were the general highlights.