As we all know, Google is continually spinning their wheels to find new ways to improve their products and services. As a Google user, this is always a positive, they are thinking about you and how to regularly provide a better experience – even if what they roll out doesn’t pan out (remember Google Wave) and yes, they are still putting you first which is always comforting to know. With that I mind, this past summer, Google announced several changes for AdWords which focus on mobile including a new ad format released later in the summer, Expanded Text Ads.

What are Expanded Text Ads?

Simply stated, Google made Ads that are almost two times bigger than their standard text ads on mobile and desktop devices. Moving from a total of 25+35+35 = 95 characters to ad text of 30+30+80 = 140 characters which means a whole lot more ad real estate. These new ads are intended to have more of a Twitter feel to them with the total of 140 characters, something most people will recognize and providing you with more information before you click through to the advertisers page. Oh, and like nearly everything digital Google understands we are living in a mobile world and are moving in this direction so ads are more attractive and larger on mobile devices.

How does this impact Brands Who Advertise on Google?

Expanded text ads will help brands become more prominent on search engine results page and allow for additional persuasive messaging. This change will help increase CTR. Whenever advertisers can expand ads with sitelinks, callout extensions, phone and address extensions—really, anything that shows relevance and helps take up more space on the SERP—they will see an increase in click-through rate.

Expanded text ads gives brands more real estate on the SERP, improving CTR, getting more people to their websites and potentially more conversions! Something that is good for the advertiser, yes. And this is also a win for Google users as they’re better served by having more information and knowing where the link will lead them.

How Do Marketers Feel About this Change?

EXCITED…of course! Who doesn’t love writing new, longer ads? But not even just writing new ads, something to help brands be more competitive and gain more space on the Google SERP is always exciting. In order to get ahead of the competition, as soon as the new format was launched, Three Deep hunkered down as a PPC team and got new Expanded Text Ads up for all of our clients within a month of the release. Even though Standard Text Ads can be added and edited until January 31st, 2017, we wanted to take advantage of ETA’s as soon as we could.

So Far, We’ve Seen Huge Results

After a month of running the new ads, we did a 30-day comparison of Expanded Texts Ads vs. Standard Text Ads. Across all accounts, the CTR was 70% higher for ETA’s. When broken down by account, most accounts saw a 28-38% increase in CTR for Expanded Texts Ads over Standard Text Ads. This trend is great to see right now, but as competitors add their ETA’s now until the end of January, this high of an increase won’t stay steady – we will most likely continue to see Expanded Texts Ads outperform Standard Text Ads, but not this drastic of a difference. We will know that answer early in the new year. But it’s awesome to see ETA’s already have such a positive impact in the SERP as Google moves towards those as slowly away from Standard Text Ads.

Even though not all of Google’s changes work out for the positive, majority of them do and this is one that a great positive impact. Between having more room for persuasive language and more room on the SERP, it’s a win-win for both Google and their PPC customers. A big part of that success though, is having an agency – or PPC manager – on top of Google’s changes and putting plan into action as soon as they come. If you are looking to have a more competitive advantage with your PPC, ask us to do a scan and we can help you improve.