Take a look at my Facebook page or my Instagram account, and it’s likely you’ll find an overload of pictures of my newborn baby girl.  Of course, there is an equal amount of my oldest daughter as well.  Who wouldn’t want to see a pic of the cutest children on the planet … every 3 hours?  As a mom, I’m practically expected to overshare how cute my kids are, right?

While I’m basically a pro at sharing baby pictures, I’ve never shared MY OWN baby photo… until last week.  No, this wasn’t a classic “TBT” Facebook post, this was a fun work activity.  I know, sharing old photos at work sounds a little odd.  Is it really ok to post a half-naked, bath-time baby photo? (Well, Nate did, so I hope so)  Before I explain more, I’ll admit I work in HR, which says a little more about how my brain works.

After spending way too many hours viewing baby photos of roughly 50 coworkers, I realized I enjoyed my company’s culture more than the photos. I know, that is such an HR thing to say but its true… I really love my job. And I’ll admit, working at a marketing agency does have its perks. Most of my friends are jealous that I can wear jeans to work, but Three Deep is far more than an agency vibe with a casual dress code. To put it simple, we all truly enjoy working at Three Deep. Some say it’s the free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day, or the company picnics and holiday parties, but I feel it’s the core values behind who we are and what we do.

Now I could take the approach of directly sharing our team’s core values, but I like to think I have more personality than that.


Team First
It all starts with good communication, really. Lock arms with your colleagues to deliver value.  Take a team first, me second approach and be flexible and agile with your work.  Being a team player means you have a good sense of humor and a positive and constructive attitude. Even if it means shoveling that driveway… in the middle of summer?


Setting and managing expectations is key. Owning your mistakes and meeting deadlines demonstrates this value.  It requires taking responsibility to get things fixed even if it’s not your fault.  It also means getting things done… and doing them well like… bath time.


Problem Solver
There is a desire for achieving goals and no roadblock will stand in your way. You can control any situation with abstract thinking and a creative solution.  It requires a positive and constructive attitude and make sure to document your solution to help us all get better. Be solution focused… like this baby.


This goes without saying… Intellectually curious, enthusiastic, hungry for knowledge and self-motivated. It can also mean eating every piece of cake like it’s your first birthday!

As a mom I see my daughters’ personality in every photo I post to Facebook. It might sound funny, but I also see the personality in the baby pictures each of my coworkers shared. I truly feel it is their talent aligned with our core values that is contributing to our growing business (I mean growing literally, as we have outgrown our current space and are moving to a larger office space in a couple weeks). I also know we’re not the only company to ever have a baby picture contest. However, I hope that others will also look past “the dated pictures” and recognize how group activities contribute to a positive work environment like ours at Three Deep.