Content is King and LinkedIn is a Player
Will LinkedIn be the next platform player in content marketing? Their first quarter revenue says so… Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn’s platform provides users with a sponsor update feature. In short, the program enables users (or advertisers in this case) to pay to place their posts on targeted LinkedIn pages and feeds.

This is not a new feature for LinkedIn, so why are people talking about it? The data LinkedIn shared shows that revenue from sponsored updates is on the rise, while income from display ads has a downward trend. My opinion, as display advertising proves to be less effective more people will turn to sponsored content and LinkedIn is proving the can be a player in the space.

What everyone’s talking about
More than a week has passed since Google MobileGeddon and it remains a hot topic. Rightfully so, the update that gives preference to mobile-friendly websites is a game changer in the industry. The update is Google’s way of saying that mobile-friendly sites are going to have an advantage over time. How big of an advantage? The Moz Blog gives their review in 7 Days After Mobilegeddon: How Far Did the Sky Fall?

Congratulations Carie Otto!
Outstanding to see Carie Otto from the Three Deep Marketing Team included on the talented list of marketing rule breakers and risk takers in the running for this year’s #32under32. Congratulations on your nomination Carie and looking forward to May 28th!

What’s your preference when it comes to Web Design
You’ve probably heard common rhetoric like ketchup vs. mustard, quality vs. quantity… And add to the list Umbraco vs. WordPress. Checking out the debate, it’s a good question and it appears that Umbraco is winning over the hearts of tech enthusiasts. Here are ten reasons why people are choosing Umbraco.

Let’s Talk About SEO
As many organizations react to Google’s recent update, Three Deep Marketing has shared some secrets to setting high SEO expectations. Read the tips from our Digitally Savvy Team on how to get most for your money when partnering with an SEO agency.

Getting your Content Ducks in a Row
Ah, checklists are great! Yes, becoming more organized is great, especially when it comes to content marketing. This checklist for launching content will relieve the panic attack that follows a forgetful moment and lead to better marketing content.