Why should you spend advertise on the world’s most popular website?

Questions to Consider

  • What is better, a person who purchases one item of yours once or a person who purchases an item every month?
  • Which of those two people is more likely to tell their friends about your product or service?

The choice is obvious and the difference is loyalty. The second individual is loyal to your company and wants more.

  • Do you trust your friend’s opinions and take them into account when considering purchases?

The person who recommends your product effectively becomes the best salesperson you could ever hire.

This close social interaction is the answer to why you should advertise on Facebook. A person who joins an active community created by a shared interest has their opinion enforced with every additional fan. That is the band wagon approach mixed in with a social layer. “Look at all these fans! They all love (your product here) just like I do!” These individuals have made a public statement that they have an affinity to your product, service or company. You have encouraged loyalty and repeat purchases and have given your fans ammunition to sell their friends to expand your fan base.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving with Facebook Advertising to help generate loyalty and buzz around your company!