On my drive into work today, I had an idea. Pre-2012 Jeff would have spent his entire car ride thinking about this idea, and then forgetting about it the second he walked into the office. Nothing would be written down and everything would be forgotten.

But we are no longer in a pre-2012 world. 2012 Jeff decided to do something about it. While driving, he opened his Evernote App, hit the voice dictation on his iPhone and started talking. The idea was logged and turned into something of substance. Content was pulled out of my head and put into a structured format for all to enjoy (or lament).

This was not my first attempt at writing down ideas while they were hot. In the past whenever I had an idea AND I was near a computer, I would start a draft post in WordPress, write about 3 sentences, click save, and go about my business.

The result? A lot of half baked ideas and a veritable wasteland in my WordPress drafts folder. My ideas lived and died in my browser, because the barrier of entry was simply too big.

Enter Evernote, a fantastic tool that allows you to write down notes, ideas, pictures, audio, etc. on any device that you own (iPhone, iPad, computer) at any time. Better yet, it synchronizes your notes between these devices, so every note is available any place you need it.

In fact, the note that I wrote on my drive in today was already on my computer by the time I got to my desk.

We are living in a 2012 world, folks, and I am excited about it.

The funny thing is that Evernote has actually been around for years, I just haven't used it to its fullest. I'm probably not the only one, as I'm sure a few of you might not have thought of using the tool in this way.

Get used to it, because Evernote wants to be around for a long time. In fact, the CEO of Evernote has gone on the record many times saying that he wants Evernote to be a 100 year company. What a great idea!