Do you wish you could spend more time finding insights and less time building reports? Do you spend hours exporting, filtering and formatting your data? If yes, Data Studio is the tool you need!

Google Data Studio is a tool where you can turn your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, share and customize. Using dashboards allows you to tell insightful stories and make better business decisions. Understanding the fundamentals of how Data Studio works is pretty easy, and there is a basic workflow that can be used to understand the process:

  • Connect to your data by defining a data source
  • Visualize the data by adding visually appealing charts and controls
  • Share the data with others

Google Data Studio has many capabilities including putting your data to work, transforming your data, the ability to build dashboards, and it leverages teamwork – the best part about it is that it’s free and unlimited! How often do you read that about an analytics tool?

Why you need to use Data Studio

Data Studio is a very powerful tool. Do you want to see how your organic traffic has changed month-over-month? No problem. How about your AdWords clicks on the same chart with a trendline? Easy! Data Studio allows you to see data in a way that only large companies could a few years ago. This tool easily integrates with other tools you are most likely already using, such as Google Analytics and Search Console – because they are Google tools, they are designed to work together in a seamless design. The set up for Data Studio is unbelievably easy, you can use your Google account that is already set up and with a short tutorial, (Watch this video if you need some help!, you can be using this tool in 30 minutes. For the people who aren’t keen on working in spreadsheets, you finally have a tool that makes it easy to analyze your data, and it doesn’t make you want to poke your eyes out! When working with clients, it’s easy to show them the results of your hard work in an understandable report. They will be able to see how your efforts are paying off – which is always good for your business.

Data Studio allows you to be in control of what your data looks like.

Google Analytics is a great tool, but sometimes it can be tedious when you’re trying to create spreadsheets and analyze data in a way that makes sense to your boss, coworkers and shareholders. Data Studio has streamlined the process of making data easy to read and consumable, it was built for data visualization. Data Studio lets you start with a blank canvas where you have the ability to either create single-page dashboards or multi-page reports, however they do offer templates if that’s more your style. There are no fixed columns and you can drag and drop items anywhere on the report. The formatting and style options allows you to replicate your company’s branding and colors, making it easier to create professional reports. Data Studio also allows you to change fonts, colors, gradients, and pretty much everything else you need to make your reports look top-notch.

Data Studio lets you decide what types of graphics you think would best fit your data, bar graph, line graph, pie chart – you can do it all.


Add text boxes, images and shapes to your reports!


These features make it possible for your reports to look professional and “WOW” your boss.


Data Studio allows you to pull data from multiple sources.

Data Studio allows you to pull data from a ton of various sources including:          

  • AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Attribution 360
  • BigQuery
  • Soundcloud SQL
  • MySQL
  • YouTube Analytics

However, it also allows you to pull data from custom Google Sheets! This feature is huge. What this means is that ANY information you keep on a Google Sheet can be used to build a custom report.  Your reports will become much more advanced because you have the ability to create a one-page report with graphs that each represent a different data source. Analytics doesn’t take place on Google Analytics alone, by pulling information from multiple sources increases your ability to make well-versed decisions.

Data Studio promotes share-ability.

Data Studio operates the same way as any other document on Google Drive, therefore it’s extremely easy to allow many people access to the same report. Gone are the days where you need to give or get access to Google Analytics and find the UI to get what you need; Data Studio promotes collaboration within your company. Your agency and clients can use the reports without having to access the GA accounts, these permissions also allow you to decide who has access to view the document and monitor who can make changes.


If you have questions, we’re here to help. Our team is a Google Premier Partner for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.