A career in digital marketing without a doubt has its perks. Whether it’s confusing friends at parties with the most basic explanation of what you do, the pseudo celebrities we follow from conference to conference, or my personal favorite perk- the nomadic office setting. Aside from the necessity for an occasional in-person meeting, digital marketing job tasks can be performed just about anywhere that has a good internet connection. Everyone has their personal preference on where they get their best work done, but one of my favorite work settings is a coffee shop.

I love trying new shops to keep life interesting, but the whole point of being there is to be productive, so I have some pretty stringent criteria when selecting a location.

Things I consider before I order my Americano:

  1. How is the internet connection? First I’ll find a seat and establish that the connection is strong enough to get a day worth of work done. A poor connection will reduce productivity.
  2. Are there enough outlets and are they conveniently placed? When I’m hard at work my computer’s battery only lasts for so long. Scout out the outlets and try to sit near one!
  3. What are the seating options? My laptop is pretty large on its own, plus I often have notes out and need a table to myself. Typically couches or chairs are a bust.
  4. What’s the vibe of this place? Will people give me dirty looks if I need to hop on a call? Are there a ton of kids running around? Are there a lot of people chatting loudly? Basically, if it is a setting that will kill your productivity levels, avoid it.
  5. What’s on the menu? Pretty self-explanatory, whether you’re interested in eating or sipping a beverage make sure there’s something on the menu that catches your eye.

This criteria has served me well and made me into the caffeinated & productive SEO I am today. The benefits of working offsite are endless for me and I appreciate having a career with such flexibility. At the end of the day, the goal is to get work done. Avoid unnecessary distractions and get to know your working style. Some people need the office setting to be most productive while others (like me) need the occasional change of scenery to do their best work.

If you live in the Twin Cities, I’ve put together a rank of some of my favorite spots taking into consideration the factors above (plus a few others).

Have a coffee shop suggestion? Let us know in the comments.


Review: Twin Cities Coffee Shops

Black Dog Coffee
Neighborhood: Lowertown, St. Paul
Address: 308 E Prince St, St Paul, MN 55101
Vibe: Relaxed, Artistic, spacious, welcoming.
Parking: Near green line and paid parking options within two blocks.
Seating:  A ton of 2-top & 4-top tables, high-top bar seating, and more.
Power Outlets: Many options throughout the space. The outlets have 2-4 functional hubs per outlet.
Internet: Reliable connection.
Menu: Full menu, plus a bakery case. Coffee quality is okay. Wine and beer options available.
Other Notes: Prepare to potentially be cold! Outdoor seating space available.

Keen Eye
Neighborhood: Standish, off of Hiawatha
Address: 2803 E 38th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Vibe: Relaxed, clean, basic neighborhood shop, not too busy.
Parking: Street- You may not find a spot in front, but plenty of spaces on the same block.
Seating: Many tables- primarily 2-tops. Couches also available.
Power Outlets: At least two options.  Conveniently near tables.
Internet: Reliable connection.
Menu: Somewhat limited, but offer sandwiches, salad, bakery case, etc.
Other Notes: Prepare to potentially be cold! Outdoor seating space available.

Fireroast Cafe
Neighborhood: Longfellow- Howe
Address: 3800 37th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55406
Vibe: Welcoming, neighborhood shop, artistic, unique.
Parking: Street, lots of options.
Seating: Primarily 2-tops, a high-top bar, one 4-top table with fun buoy chairs, and a few couch seats.
Power Outlets: Limited. One option in the back room, one at the high-top bar.
Internet: Reliable connection, password protected.
Menu: A ton of great options plus a delicious bakery case. Unique options made in-house.
Other Notes: Coffee refills are only $0.50!

Riverview Cafe
Neighborhood: Longfellow- Howe
Address: 3753 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Vibe: Kid-friendly, meeting spot, colorful, friendly.
Parking: Small lot in back, free street parking.
Seating: Tons of 2-tops and 4-tops, quite a few couch and chair options.
Power Outlets: Quite a few outlets.
Internet: Moderately reliable connection.
Menu: Variety of beverage and food options available.
Other Notes: Outdoor seating space available.

Turtle Bread
Neighborhood: Longfellow- Howe
Address: 4205 E 34th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Vibe: Warm and bright.
Parking: Free street parking.
Seating: A TON of seating options. Tables and booths.
Power Outlets: A few outlets available in the back room and a few in the front all along the walls.
Internet: If you need a secure connection, internet is not reliable.
Menu: A ton of delicious food options available. Beverages also available, not full espresso bar.
Other Notes: Outdoor seating space available. Free coffee refills!

Neighborhood:Lowertown, St. Paul
Address: East Fifth Street, Skyway Level
Vibe: Welcoming & friendly, unique, relaxed.
Parking: Paid street parking, plenty of paid lots, on bus line & near green line.
Seating: A few chairs, many tables. Great seating for quick meetings.
Power Outlets: Available.
Internet: Not reliable.
Menu: A variety of bakery options and a rotating soup and salad option for lunch.
Other Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free options are plentiful!

Dunn Bros- St Paul
Neighborhood: Downtown St. Paul
Address: 367 Wabasha Street, St. Paul
Vibe: Relaxed, clean, basic.
Parking: Street parking.
Seating: Many two-tops, both high-tops and low-tops.
Power Outlets: A few.
Internet: Reliable.
Menu: Full espresso bar, limited food options.
Other Notes:

Spyhouse NE
Neighborhood: Northeast Park
Address: 945 Broadway Street NE, Minneapolis
Vibe: Trendy, hip, busy.
Parking: Parking lot in back of building, free street parking- busy, can be difficult.
Seating: Large, shared tables, a few booth seats, a few 2 tops. A lot of seating, but also a busy shop!
Power Outlets: A few available.
Internet: Reliable.
Menu: Specialty espresso bar, limited food options.
Other Notes: Outdoor seating space available.

Spyhouse Nicollet
Neighborhood: Whittier
Address: 2451 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis
Vibe: Trendy, hip, busy.
Parking: Street parking, on bus lines.
Seating: A ton of seating options available. High-top bar seating, booth seating, tables.
Power Outlets: Quite a few available.
Internet: Reliable.
Menu: Specialty espresso bar, limited food options.
Other Notes:

Neighborhood: Powderhorn
Address: 3440 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis
Vibe: Hippy, neighborhood, artistic.
Parking: Free street parking, plenty of spaces within one block.
Seating: A variety of seating table options. Get there early to secure a seat.
Power Outlets: Outlets accessible at each table.
Internet: Reliable.
Menu: Great variety of food and beverage options.
Other Notes: Outdoor seating space available.

Neighborhood: Cathedral Hill
Address: 165 Western Ave N, St Paul
Vibe: Bright, trendy, vintage.
Parking: Free street parking, on bus line, can be difficult to find parking.
Seating: Many seating options available. Booth seating along wall, bar seating, and a few tables.
Power Outlets: Decent accessibility to outlets.
Internet: Moderate reliability.
Menu: Great variety of food and beverage options.
Other Notes: Outdoor seating space available. One of the best chai’s around!