Several of the SEO Q&A questions coming up in future weeks come from various RFP's that we have been asked to answer.  Now that this process is over, we are displaying some of our highest quality answers on the blog.

Worst SEO project?  What went wrong and why?

The worst SEO project Three Deep worked on last year (2008) was for <redacted>, a nationally recognized company that sells <redacted>. This project was actually successful at first, and we are proud of our implementation with several seo techniques. However, with the way our contract was structured, we did not set the client or ourselves up for continued success.

This project was not successful in the long term, because our contract was purely for creation of a web site that was search friendly and followed SEO best practices, and did not contain any type of ongoing maintenance retainer. Three Deep believes that a key technique to SEO is not only making sure that your site is search optimized, success also comes from actively managing the SEO of the web site, and constantly making improvements to ensure ranking sustainability.

In the case of <redacted>, we search optimized the site and noticed a huge uptick in search visitors. Thousands of new visitors came to the site each month through search, and hundreds of them converted. Over the next several months, we noticed that traffic steadily declined, and now the site receives around 50% of the search traffic that it received mid-year. Now the client is asking us for a maintenance retainer so that we can uplift the site back to the high levels of visitors it achieved earlier in 2008.

The lesson that our client gained is that SEO can never be a one-time project. It requires consistent maintenance as search algorithms change regularly as well as the response techniques. What worked one month may not work the next month. Three Deep is here to help your business adjust with each change to ensure that your site is consistently reaching your target audience.