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Three Deep's core values include passion, problem-solving, accountability and teamwork. The best teams are made up of a variety of skill sets, passions, and opinions. We value those attributes as evidenced in our attitude, policies, and procedures.

Regarding the core value of accountability, it has become clear that the digital marketing and advertising industries continue to share a challenge in the level of diversity in our industry. If a team is bigger than the sum of its parts, then certainly we are missing an opportunity to build better teams by increasing our diversity in many ways. The events in our Twin Cities community since the death of George Floyd have made it plain that although our attitude, policies and procedures have created an engaging workplace, we must take more action to improve representation in our workforce and build stronger and diverse teams. Our actions must speak louder than words.

Numbers to Drive Us

In solidarity with the mission laid out by 600&Rising, we've conducted a survey of our workplace to show the racial and gender representation across our organization.

These numbers highlight that it will take a concerted effort by our industry and our organization to impact improvements in the representation of diversity with our ranks.


Entire Agency

Director-Level Employees

Executive Leadership


Entire Agency

Director-Level Employees

Executive Leadership

Steps We're Taking

As an agency rooted in data, these numbers indicate that we need to make more proactive measures that will result in outcomes that are clear and measurable. We are creating a scorecard that will align to various actions and from those, we know correct outcomes will follow.

Inspired by our employees, our community and our industry, we're taking the following actions.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

We've formed a voluntary Diversity & Inclusion Committee to advocate on behalf of Three Deep employees. Our ultimate goal is to bolster our approach to anti-racism and community involvement.

  • Discuss priorities
  • Identify goals
  • Build roadmap
  • Collaborate with leadership
  • Drive progress

Hiring Practices

Three Deep is committed to eliminating bias in its hiring process and improving diversity in our ranks by instituting new means and methods including the following.

  • Updates to job descriptions internally and in external postings
  • New resume screening processes to remove risk of racial, gender and age bias
  • New outreach approaches for internship and full-time employee hiring

Workplace Inclusivity

Historically, Three Deep has made inclusivity and accommodation for employee-needs a priority in the ways shown here. We commit to maintain an open mind and accommodate the needs of our employees and guests.

  • Volunteering events and donation drives periodically through the year
  • Floating holiday to be used at employee discretion
  • Non-gendered bathrooms
  • Prayer room
  • Mother's room

Community Partnerships

Our team is exploring new ways to improve its connection to the community by changing how we approach our day-to-day business partnerships and commitments with non-profits and educational advocates. This begins with the initiatives shown here.

  • Purchasing from locally and minority-owned businesses for office supplies, groceries, and catering whenever possible
  • Engaging workforce development partners in the industry that supports new faces and backgrounds to enter the digital marketing industry
  • Finding speakers and consultants who can provide awareness and bias training for the team
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