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Personalize Your Marketing

Even the Most Mature Marketers Can Achieve New Levels of Success

Make your decisions based on the connected customer journey.

You’re executing with data-driven precision and seeing your ROI increase. Going forward you’ll want to focus on what has proven to be the linchpin of modern marketing: the customer connected journey.

You’re confident you’re a marketing leader. What’s next?

Personalization at Scale

Personalization drives growth and significantly increases the efficiency of marketing spend. To thrive, your brand must engage customers individually by tailoring communications to their preferences, triggers and needs. However, delivering personalized marketing at scale, across numerous touch points, is no easy task.

You need to successfully integrate data discovery, automated decision making, and content distribution. Marketing technology, automation, and advanced analytics techniques make effective personalization at scale possible.

Getting it right calls for recalibrating how you collect, measure, analyze and optimize data to create a cohesive physical and digital experience that serves your customer. The goal is to create a learning ecosystem that connects insights to outcomes as part of a continuous cycle.

We partner with high-maturity digital marketers to:

Leverage data as an asset to better understand customers and drive business insights

Align media investment decisions with customer journeys and desired business outcomes

Determine the lifetime value of a customer and target the right ones

Journey Analytics

Companies generally try to improve marketing and customer experience results by focusing on specific touch points.

You can do better. You can evolve your approach from retrospective reporting to real-time, behavior-driven engagement with customer journey analytics.

Customer journey analytics fuses every customer touch point across multiple channels over time to create a unified customer view. You get the insights you need to understand and engage with individual customers at a personal level, at scale.

Journey analytics includes:

  • Data capture based on business goals
  • Data source alignment to capture cross-channel activity
  • Measurement
  • Reporting

Persuasive Content

Content that informs, delights, and persuades prospects to take action fuels your marketing engine. Your connected journey framework gives you the insights you need to create and deliver it with extreme focus.

The process of consistently producing persuasive content involves strategy, publishing, distribution and promotion.

Content marketing services:

  • Persona development
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Journey mapping to include the impact points of a connected customer journey
  • Design
  • Development of the gamut of content types including blogs, resource hubs, video, how-to articles, podcasts, etc.
  • SEO
  • Email planning and content calendaring

Technology & Execution

Personalization at scale is a pipedream if you don’t have a firm grasp on your marketing technology stack.

While companies continue to invest in martech, a recent Gartner CMO survey revealed spending decreased by 15 percent in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, marketers appear to be struggling to “get it together.” Companies commonly have put 13 to 15 different technologies in place that result in disparate and disconnected data sources.

It’s imperative to deploy a martech roadmap that enables you to create a better customer experience and unquestionable ROI.

Technology enablement services:

  • Martech stack creation and road-mapping
  • Technology platform implementation and integration
  • Environment testing
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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