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The Web's a War Zone. You'll Need a Content Strategist by Your Side to Survive and Thrive.

Ready to get serious about your content? 

Despite all the hoopla that put content marketing on the radar of nearly every marketer in the past two decades, most  businesses aren’t seeing the results. If you’re ready to get serious about content, we help you apply data-driven strategies to create content that converts. 

Three Deep partners with your team to:

Identify content strategies that address your customers' challenges through their journey

Research, write and design content that aligns to your business objectives and solves your customers' problems

Constantly and rigorously track, measure and improve digital content to maximize ROI

Why Do We Call It Persuasive Content? 

As a performance marketing agency, we focus on understanding the audience and delivering the timely and relevant messages it takes to invoke action. We call it “persuasive content.” It’s based on a traditional “IEEO” model:

  • Interrupt—The buyer’s brain responds to a message that clearly expresses benefits. Headlines must push a hot button and trigger a shift in the brain’s state. It’s our job to identify your customers’ hot buttons, then create messaging to grab - and hold - their attention.

  • Engage—Once a prospect tunes in, you must engage him or her by implying useful information will follow.

  • Educate—The next step requires providing specific and helpful content that delivers the prospect information regarding an effective solution.

  • Offer—Your offer provides a reason to act now. We help you identify offers that will add value and help build enduring relationships with your audience.

Content Services

Our content marketing experts advise your team on blog, email and general publishing strategy. We’ll guide your messaging frameworks, editorial planning, content creation, production and distribution plans.

You’ve heard it before: content alone produces meager results. Businesses that make content marketing an integral component and driver of their online marketing success invest significant resources across paid, earned, shared and owned media channels.


We create websites that generate traffic, leads and sales. Attract visitors with landing pages written and designed by experts and optimized for search and conversion. 

Why it matters: In a world where the consumer is in the driver's seat, it's critical to respect their time by delivering something of value at every touch point. That's why we build content strategies around the customer, not the business.  

  • Holistic content strategy
  • Audience and persona definition
  • Content audit
  • Cross-channel editorial calendar
  • Content creation governance
  • Brand voice, tone and style guide
  • Lead magnets


You can have the most sophisticated marketing automation strategy in the world, but without great content, it will fall flat. Every time. Three Deep helps you develop the "what" for your email channel to ensure you're connecting in a meaningful way with one of your best assets: a subscribed audience. 

Why it matters: Email continues to be a dominant and vital marketing channel. It's incumbent on marketers to use it wisely. Build relationships with your customers by sharing information they care about. Respect the inbox. 

  • Messaging framework
  • Voice, tone, on-brand design
  • Persuasive, conversion-optimized copy
  • Promotion calendar
  • Consumer-first brand priority hierarchy

Good Content Starts with Smart Strategy. 

How does yours stack up? Request a free consultation with a Three Deep content marketing expert. 

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Content marketing leaders experience 7.8x more site traffic than non-leaders. --Kapost

Content Works. Hard.
Don’t Take Our Word for It.

Marketing Sherpa

Content creation ranks as the single most effective SEO technique.


Website conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters. 

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