Build a more mature email strategy with marketing automation

The majority of marketers know marketing automation is more than email, what’s holding you back?

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Batch and blast email campaigns are the sort of marketing technique that your company should outgrow as it achieves digital maturity. When running a marketing operation dependent upon messaging directly to an audience you need a smarter approach that delivers those messages in a timely and intelligent way. Marketing automation driven by an experienced partner is the solution for companies who need to increase efficiency in their customer messaging strategies so that the rest of the funnel can work properly and ROI can take off. Are you ready?

Is your campaign performance lagging?

Three Deep's Approach to Marketing Automation

Three Deep is committed to helping clients take as much advantage of their database and email marketing technology as possible. As a strategic and executional partner, we consistently create value for short term and long term programs that need a substantial performance boost.

DiscoverMap the customer
journey and segment
audience database

FocusDefine audience
messaging and
technical goals

ExecuteDeliver adaptable
messages on smart

IterateMeasure and refine
delivery and messaging

No matter the type of messaging engagement you have, defining and considering your audiences is the most important element of success. To develop a marketing automation strategy that succeeds, our team focuses extensively on how to reach customer segments with the correct technology and customized messaging that will be most likely to engage them.

Lifecycle marketing is the real goal of marketing automation, requiring a full-scale strategy and technology implementation.

After executing thousands of campaigns for brands in every sector of business, we are accustomed to helping clients with any email marketing or marketing automation need. The needs of a client are always distinct, and our team is able to adapt and scale to any project requirements while still delivering on schedule and within budget.

Our diverse team can support unique requirements for technical development, creative strategy and delivery, and reporting and measurement that elevates our marketing automation capabilities to a level that other agencies have difficulty matching. If you are looking for a performance driven agency with a legacy of success and innovation, you’ve found your next partner.

What We Can Do for You

Our marketing automation department uses data analysis and platform expertise to improve delivery, engagement, and targeting strategies for messages that create a full lifecycle marketing experience for prospects. We realize that many companies are lacking dedicated email or automation team members, so we are able to augment your team’s execution needs or act as a strategic partner and assist in full marketing automation management in any of the following areas.

  • A full scale campaign takes strong capabilities in every area of marketing automation. We put priority on strategic approach and customer segmentation, and then employ the most effective technologies and messaging to reach the right prospects at the right moments and convert them to customers. Critical elements of a campaign include:

    • Program development
    • Reporting and measurement
    • Lifecycle marketing
    • Customer segmentation
    • Platform deployment
    • Triggered messaging
  • The creative approach to email and automated marketing is often underrated. Each audience has unique emotional and visual triggers that help them react positively to a given product. We work through the following processes to create effective creative messaging.

    • Conversion optimization
    • Landing page design
    • Email template development
    • Interruptive headline copywriting
    • Call-to-action testing
    • Persuasive copywriting
  • When faced with decisions that affect your budget or revenue, it helps to have an experienced partner advise on that process. We offer analyses at every step in the marketing automation process that can help you to simply get started or improve and evolve your operations. Some analysis offerings we provide are:

    • Platform audit
    • Platform choice
    • Platform migrations
    • Lead scoring
    • Database audit
    • A/B testing
    • Campaign implementation
    • Automation
    • Service integration

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About Three Deep's Marketing Automation Team

There’s no ‘B’ Team

Efficiently constructed to adapt to client needs, our team can adjust and accommodate the needs of any client project. With 7 certified campaign managers dedicated to the success of email campaigns, we have experience across the latest testing, build technology, delivery tools, and all major platforms.

Our leadership has spoken nationally at Silverpop events (we are a certified Silverpop partner) and locally at various industry events, and often collaborate internally with our other expert delivery teams. We look forward to the opportunity to serve as an extension or partner for your team.

Is your campaign performance lagging?
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