Any Agency Can Buy You Traffic. Prepare to Do Advertising That Generates Leads and Sales.

Do more with your ad dollars.

“Ad spend” is a terrifying phrase. It means you're parting with money when you should be making it. Three Deep develops strategies to attract and convert highly targeted prospects and perpetually increase your ROI. 

We specialize in helping our clients reallocate waste within accounts to make them 10% more effective. Immediately. From there, we focus on optimizing, experimenting and using your paid channels to connect with the right customers for your business. You will increase lead flow while decreasing your ad costs.


Three Deep partners with your team to help you stop wasting money on inefficient campaigns by:

Connecting with audiences through personalized offers across each phase of the customer journey

Developing multi-channel media strategies that align to your business goals

Relentlessly testing and optimizing campaigns to increase performance and return 

We're Deep in the Trenches of Digital Advertising. 

Three Deep’s digital advertising services are delivered by a dedicated, certified team of experts who are never content to merely build traffic. Instead we focus on helping you optimize relevance across the customer journey to create integrated, cross-channel communication strategies that leave your customers feeling happy and understood.

Digital Advertising Services

Our team has worked with all types of clients to create unique campaigns that satisfy business goals in nearly any situation. When we enter into an engagement, we focus on making immediate impacts and then targeting areas where investment would substantially increase leads. Our solutions include: 


Digital advertising campaign strategy includes goal planning, competitor and industry analysis, keyword research, conversion and ROI analysis, dynamic bid management, full-funnel analytics and comprehensive reporting.

Why it matters: Ad spend without a concrete strategy can mean wasting money, or at the very least, spending inefficiently. We hate that. 

  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • Conversion and ROI analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Dynamic bid management
  • Full-funnel analytics 
  • Comprehensive reporting and consultation


We design and develop custom, dedicated landing pages that convert clickers into customers.

Why it matters: You can have the most efficient ad spend, but if you don't have conversion-focused landing pages, you may be turning away your captured audience.

  • Conversion-centric design
  • Persuasive messaging
  • Keeps user in controlled experience
  • Coordination with Marketing Automation and PPC campaigns


Our creative team perfects your conversion with compelling copy, graphic design, dynamic A/B and multivariate testing.

Why it matters: The whole reason you invest in paid media is for conversions, right? Make sure every element is optimized for conversions.

  • Dynamic A/B and multivariate testing of website and landing page content
  • Devise creative and technical changes to create new conversion opportunities
  • Repurpose existing content to maximize conversions


Social media advertising delivers the capability to execute extraordinary targeting. We’ll help you choose the optimum channels, create effective ads, target your audience and analyze results.

Why it matters: Your audience loves you, why not connect with more people just like them?

  • Building look-alike audiences
  • Content engagement analysis
  • Facebook and Instagram integrated campaigns
  • YouTube video advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising

Are You Busting Your Budget?

How are you doing with paid media? Find out where you rank on our paid media maturity scale. 

See How You Rank

By deploying personalized, dynamic creative for distinct customer segments and pulling levers across multiple channels, we helped Red Wing increase revenue from paid media campaigns 267% over the same 30-day period from the previous calendar year. 

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  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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