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Effective SEO Is Not About Winning Rankings. It's About Winning Business.

Rankings are up. Traffic is up. Are sales? 

If your approach to SEO focuses on anything other than directing interested prospects to your website and converting them, you’re making a costly mistake.

Our uncompromising approach to search marketing is focused on buyer intent and the connected customer journey.

Three Deep partners with your team to overcome three common barriers to effective SEO strategy and search marketing:

Challenge #1
Your customers can’t find you when they search online. We help you build a foundation so search engines index your site and you show up for relevant searches.

Challenge #2
Your competitors outrank you for your products and services. Let’s get to work on your plan to protect and defend your organic search turf.

Challenge #3
Your website isn’t meeting modern web standards. You’re falling short on site speed, mobile, and local. Improving your site’s usability ensures Google understands your content.

Charting the course to content-driven success. 

With the guidance of Three Deep’s expert team of SEO professionals you’ll move forward fast. You’ll evolve from the technical foundation required to get started, to the ongoing execution of SEO-focused content-based campaigns that produce measurable results.

SEO Services

It's never one-size-fits-all. Every SEO program we create is designed to address the challenges and objectives that are unique to your business. 


A thorough SEO audit evaluates the technical status of your website to identify issues and prioritize an action plan. 

An audit of your competitors’ websites involves identifying who they are, how they approach search, and delivers many insights to inform your strategy, content strategy and structural SEO changes.

Why it matters: This is an essential first step to creating an effective optimization strategy. We’ll prioritize tasks and build a solid foundation for future efforts.

  • Site speed
  • Search visibility
  • Site usability
  • Competitive landscape
  • Keyword optimization


How will you know what trends are worth investing in, and what can be skipped? Three Deep takes the long-game approach to SEO strategy and execution related to keyword usage, link building, local citation management, content planning, and more.

Why it matters: SEO is not a one-time activity you do when you first launch your site. Search engines are constantly evolving, and SEO requires committing to a consistent effort over time.

  • Keyword based page copy updates
  • Video SEO
  • Strategic link building
  • Content planning
  • Meta data implementation
  • Monitoring sitemaps and indexation
  • Advising on new website technologies


Effective local SEO efforts require auditing, expanding and maintaining your local SEO citations across the online listing systems your prospects and customers rely on.

Why it matters: If your business is location-based, you’ll lose business if you’re not showing up in search results. Potential local customers rely on search engines to discover your business and learn more about you. 

  • Local strategy
  • Local citation management
  • Location implementation
  • Site footers 
  • Listings


We ensure website migrations maintain and improve search rankings by overseeing redirects, URL structure, content architecture, keyword research, on-page factors, and more.

Why it matters: You need backend website experts to ensure website updates don’t disrupt or damage your rankings and search relevance. 

  • Redirect planning
  • URL structure
  • Content architecture
  • Keyword research
  • On-page factors


Effective SEO calls for updating content to better address customer needs. Data guides the path. Three Deep digs into the data to make website improvements where they’ll matter most to your customers so your high-value pages deliver on their potential.

We optimize your web properties for search visibility with keyword research, persuasive content and analysis.

Why it matters: Fresh, relevant content that matters to your customer is the key to ongoing SEO health. 

  • Target keywords that align with buyer intent
  • Optimize content—copy, images, SEO tags and links—based on data-driven insights
  • Plan new content for your blog, vlog, gallery, etc.
  • Track search engine rankings, traffic, engagement, and conversions
  • Constantly test, monitor and optimize 

Is Your SEO Program Effective?

Getting serious about SEO requires a comprehensive audit. We’ll scan your site and return a report and 3-point action plan within 24 hours.

Get Me an SEO Audit Now

A $10B industrial manufacturer engaged Three Deep to run their SEO strategy from top to bottom. We increased organic sessions by +22,000/month and realized a +68.8% increase in event completions across 56 brands and 10 languages.

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