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SEO Strategy & Services SEO Strategy & Services

Your audience is searching. Can they find you?

More than half of website traffic can come from organic search, so SEO must become a priority.

Stand Taller

Your website can be compared to a tree falling in the forest. If no one is there to see it, you’ll never know if it makes a sound, or if it converts your audience. The point is simple, your audience needs to find your content before they can engage with it. Whether your customers need directions, information, or want to buy your product, SEO helps your website be discovered and provide answers to their questions. To produce better organic search results, you need a partner who gets SEO in a way that makes your website stand taller and stronger than any of other trees in the crowded thickets of your competition.

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Three Deep's Approach to SEO

Three Deep helps clients manage their SEO as an important asset to the digital marketing mix. With deep technical expertise and a strategic focus, our approach to SEO helps clients win.

DiscoverGather data & define

FocusIdentify SEO
performance issues

ExecuteRepair issues identified in the
Focus step

IterateMeasure performance &

Building an SEO strategy is something that not every agency really thinks through. Getting more keyword rankings doesn’t mean a potential customer is actually using that keyword to find your business. We go after SEO projects with your audience and overall digital strategy as the spearhead of an engagement so that the right content is found as often as necessary by your customers as they search.

Website migrations without considering SEO can reduce organic traffic by more than 50%

With experience working for large and small enterprises with B2B and B2C business models, we are comfortable working on SEO for any type of company. Each site is built a little bit differently, so there are unique solutions that we must work to find and then document and implement correctly.

As a partner with clients and contributing agencies, we provide analysis of SEO issues that goes deeper into technical and content-related subjects than most other SEO vendors. Because we have a strong multidisciplinary team in our office, we often collaborate with developers, paid media, analytics, content strategy, and other teams to create more profitable SEO solutions.

What We Can Do for You

We understand the time and money that goes into digital marketing investments, so our services give strategic and tactical guidance for solving business problems through SEO. The goal of any of our projects is to increase the relevance and authority of our clients’ sites. Here is a brief overview of the services we provide.

  • Our SEO Audit takes a manual approach to evaluate the status of internal and external SEO foundations of a client site by working through our specific criteria to more accurately find website issues. The end deliverable of the project is a presentation with recommendations of how to improve the site on-page and off-page. This effort analyzes:

    • Crawlability
    • Site speed
    • Search visibility
    • Site usability
    • Competitive landscape
    • Keyword optimization
  • The search visibility of client sites versus competitors is a challenge that requires analysis of on and off-page factors. It’s important to learn who your online competitors are compared to your offline competitors, because they may not be who you expect. Through this effort we help clients of all shapes and sizes prioritize content and structural SEO changes.

  • Often resulting from a Comprehensive Audit, we engage clients in retainer work to maintain SEO best practices on new and existing web content. Some retainer projects we work on include:

    • Keyword based page copy updates
    • Video SEO
    • Strategic link building
    • Local citation management
    • Content planning
    • Meta data implementation
    • Monitoring sitemaps and indexation
    • Advising on new website technologies

  • We audit and maintain quality and consistency of local SEO citations for clients that depend on local searches to build their business. This is a time consuming process requiring knowledge of how to manage citations across many online listing systems, as well as how to correctly implement location information across local landing pages and site footers.

  • From CMS to CMS or from design to design, migrations present many SEO challenges. We advise upon or directly implement a series of tactics to maintain or improve search presence of websites during migration. It takes knowledge of redirects, URL structure, content architecture, keyword research, on-page factors, and more to do a migration correctly.

  • We handle ad-hoc requests for clients when implementing new technologies or adapting to search engine changes so that the client’s web properties can maximize search visibility. From keyword research for content marketing, to strategic link building, to providing analysis and recommendations related to Google algorithm changes, we help clients keep up with the ever-changing landscape of organic search marketing.

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Three Deep’s SEO Team

There’s no ‘B’ Team

With deep functional expertise across our team, we have gathered a group of professionals passionate about diving into website issues and finding the root of a problem. Each of our team members is relied upon to get their hands dirty with analysis, present clients with recommendations, and be able to implement solutions effectively.

Our team is passionate about staying on top of SEO best practices, requires Google Analytics certifications for each of our specialists, and stays active in the industry community. We have hosted events, given presentations, and attended conferences locally with MNSearch and written articles and attended conferences nationally with Moz.

Need to learn more about your website’s SEO?
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