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Are You Analyzing Everything, but Missing the Big Picture?

It’s time to measure behavior, not channels.

You’re on board with marketing analytics. You understand relying on intuition alone can lead to expensive mistakes. You aim to make marketing decisions based on data.

However, you’ve probably tripped across a new set of problems. You wrestle with numerous channel-specific data sets that live in silos and fail to provide true context about customer intent.

Modern marketing analytics = customer journey analytics

What if there was a better way? Customer journey analytics is the customer-centric future of measurement and analytics. 

Customer journey analytics thrusts traditional analytics forward in powerful ways by weaving customer touch points together to help discern intent and guide a contextual response. Digital marketers gain a new level of sophistication in their ability to track and analyze the way customers use multiple channels to interact with their brand.

Three Deep helps you use analytics to understand your data to engage with individual customers at a personal level, at scale.

Three Deep helps your team solve analytics challenges:

Challenge #1
Move your data out of silos. Integrate disparate data across platforms and systems to create a unified view of customer activity and a sound foundation for decision-making.

Challenge #2
Understand where your audience is going, and why it’s significant. Interpret and visualize your data in a narrative framework that is finally accessible and useful for your stakeholders.

Challenge #3
Know what to measure, and how to measure it. Put the days of excessive and gratuitous measurement behind you. Define a laser focus on the Action Metrics that matter to your mission of growth and responsible budget allocation.

Collect, measure, analyze and optimize data to create a cohesive experience across the entire customer journey. 

We help you make informed decisions through a holistic view of the customer's experience. Together we can gather insights to correlate key performance indicators (KPIs) to help achieve your business goals.

Reporting and analytics services

Three Deep’s solution-focused Digital Marketing Measurement Models (DMMMs) include:


We’ll evaluate your current analytics capabilities by auditing your analytics platform and tag management application.

Why it matters: Assessing your current analytics capabilities and data integration challenges is an essential first step to creating a strategy to employ journey analytics.

  • Identify areas for performance improvement
  • Identify tracking issues


We implement a tracking infrastructure and create performance-based goals. We develop data dashboards to monitor metrics against the goals based on key performance indicators (KPIs), and deliver ongoing performance benchmarking, targeting, and forecasting.

Why it matters: Establishing and measuring KPIs is an imperative for effective performance marketing.

  • Custom tracking
  • Expert implementation


Detailed reports enable the analysis of email, websites, and paid media campaigns.

Why it matters: Reports on KPIs enable the creation of advanced customer behavior segments, help forecast revenue for future initiatives, and predict ROI.

  • Timely, regular reports
  • Identification of key KPIs
  • Custom report creation

Let’s Analyze Your Analytics

How well are you collecting and analyzing data to inform your marketing decision-making? 

How Good Are Your Analytics?

Measurement Is the Path to ROI.
Don't Take Our Word for It. 

Nielsen logo

“There’s such a focus on marketing ROI. Everyone else—at the board level—is excited when the marketer can prove that their investments are paying off. In the past, [these stakeholders] didn’t know [the results] of all the money they spent. This trend will absolutely continue and it will get more granular. With [current] technology and capabilities, you can now follow the path [to purchase] a lot more clearly.” 
-- The 2018 Nielsen CMO Report

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