Case Study - JCPenney Portrait Studio

How Can Messaging and Media Strategy Turn One-and-Done Purchasers into Lifelong Customers?

Converting interest into a sale can be a huge effort. Why waste that conversion on a one-time purchase when you can turn that purchaser into a lifelong customer? JCPenney Portrait Studios needed a way to do just that.

Project Goals:

1) Reach existing customers with next-phase messaging
2) Implement sophisticated segmentation for more accurate messaging by audience
3) Increase booked sessions


JCPenney Portrait Studio celebrates life’s milestones with professional photography. This gives them the unique ability to serve their customers for multiple occasions throughout their lives. Our team saw this as an incredible opportunity to help build lasting relationships with photography clients. To do this, we focused on creating a paid media campaign that is informed by previously booked photography sessions to promote the next life stage. If you had booked a maternity session, you now begin to receive ads for newborn photos. Not only were we able to specifically target messaging for known audiences, but we could also identify unknown look-alike audiences to apply the same logic. We successfully reached known audiences at the right time and with the right messages, and expanded more relevant messaging to unknown audiences as well. The result? More repeat consumers booking studio sessions, and more happy memories to share.

  • Engaged known audiences with relevant next-step messaging based on previous purchases
  • Mapped messaging against impact points along the customer journey to more effectively reach audiences



YoY Increase Sessions Booked


Reduction in Cost Per Action


YoY Increase CTR

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