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JEM Technical

JEM Technical is Firing on All Cylinders

Turning Cataloging into a Well Oiled Machine

When a company operates smoothly it’s labeled as a Well Oiled Machine. The expression refers to the organization’s ability to coordinate multiple programs effectively. JEM Technical provides fluid power controls and applications across the United States and Canada. Their business includes over 6,500 custom products. Tracking product availability on the mass quantity items is essential to their success. For years JEM Technical manually completed the inventory process on a day-to-day basis using a collection of spreadsheets. Their company arrived at the point where improving its efficiency was imperative to accomplishing their business goals. They were aiming to become a Well Oiled Machine.

To achieve their goal JEM Technical required a website that was beyond the capabilities of any off-the-shelf e-commerce site. They needed a reliable solution that would deliver fast, search friendly results unique to their business needs. To handle JEM Technical’s complex requirements, Three Deep Marketing developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for their website.

Services driving the results.

Web Development

6,500+ Real Time Product Inventory

The ERP interfaces with their internal inventory system and their website. It’s designed to keep products on their website in sync with their inventory system and their system of record. The platform provides near real-time data and assists the JEM Technical team in product planning, manufacturing and service delivery, marketing and sales, shipping and payment in addition to displaying accurate inventory levels. Basically it’s everything needed to transition their company from an analog inventory system into a Well Oiled Machine of automated success! Now their inside sales team focuses on confirming orders rather than answering questions about product availability. The transition has shifted the team’s focus to the areas that increase revenue and provide greater benefits for the company.

ERP integrated online.

Since launching their new website, JEM Technical is more efficient with internal resources. These changes will continue to increase their bottom line while coordinating multiple programs effectively. JEM Technical plans to do more with their online product catalog and would like to transition to a full e-commerce capability one day. The good news JEM Technical now has the core framework in place to make a step in that direction.

JEM Technical screenshots

What the Client Said:

“Three Deep was able to develop, configure and connect our 6,500+ product inventory system with our website so that searchers can view current product inventories. The result is that our inside sales team can stay focused on confirming and taking customer orders, instead of answering questions about product availability. The new configurations much faster, search friendly and reliable and will help JEM Technical grow our business online.” Andrea Tysdal – President, JEM Technical

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