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Providing strategic solutions for crucial business problems is what Magenic has done for over 20 years! Their team of 700+ helps spur growth for companies in the most challenging industries. Recently, they wanted spur some growth of their own and that meant developing a new website.

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Web Development



The challenge.

Magenic believes the market is too fast to wait for change, so when their website needed a refresh they were ready to move fast. They recognized their own site was on a legacy platform, it was hard to navigate and it no longer aligned with their business goals. Magenic turned to Three Deep to develop a digital first approach that would improve their overall customer experience.

The solution.

The new online resources were based on strategy. Magenic uses their website as a sales tool, not a billboard so they required a site built for conversion. Their team trusted Three Deep’s digital marketing expertise to design their new website based on their business goals and strategy. Three Deep used search analytics and website metrics from their previous online properties to prioritize content a build a platform to generate leads for their team.  

The results.

One month after the site launch, pages per session dropped 12% while session duration increased 31%. This might seem counter-intuitive, but really it means it’s taking visitors less clicks to find the content they’re seeking, which allows them to spend more time with quality content. The result is increased engagement, as visitors are spending more time on the site AND less time searching for their desired content - meaning the new website has improved the inefficiencies of their previous site and visitors are receiving content that provides value.

By following the lean and agile Growth-Driven Design methodology, Three Deep helped Magenic architect information to fit a new business approach. This helped Magenic significantly improve its market position. They're now driving more growth and better engagement from their core audience. 

What’s Next?

The new Magenic site is lean. It got to market fast with a MVP that prioritized content users were seeking ahead of other areas of their website. Their focus was on quality content, not quantity. Three Deep continues to work with Magenic to continually grow, optimize and enhance their website for peak performance. We anticipate their new website will improve traffic, visibility and conversion.

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