ADS Dental Transitions

ADS Dental Transitions

How Digital Advertising Made More Dentists Smile

Who is ADS?

ADS Dental Practice Transitions is an alliance of independent dental practice brokers and management consultants. Since 1995, they’ve grown to a network of 25 independent broker locations. While more brokers is a positive advancement, it also requires ADS to provide their network with more leads of dentists who are interested in selling their practice.

The issue at hand.

Like many others in their industry, ADS felt comfortable with their current agency partnership and their campaigns to attract leads until their basic ad programs started floundering. Showing cozy feelings about your ad agency doesn’t deliver business results. Their existing agency was only collecting vanity metrics and failing to collect meaningful digital data. Not knowing what to measure or how to measure it left little insight on how to optimize or improve their campaign performance.

The solution.

As a digital performance agency, Three Deep sensed there was room for improvement. Our team delivered a campaign analysis providing ADS with a better understanding of lead flow, costs and conversions. This meant ADS could see their potential return on investment before ever switching agencies.

Services driving the results.




Web Development

293% Reduction in Cost-per-lead

Working with Three Deep, ADS launched new paid media campaigns based on their audience’s online behavior. Their team now tracks relevant data that is improving lead quality while reducing overall campaign cost. Since working with Three Deep conversion rates have increased by 52% and cost-per-lead has decreased by 293% giving these dentists a reason to smile.

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