Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes Steps Ahead with Email Marketing

Smarter email pushing boot promotions forward

In some ways technology has caused an information overload. Today there are more platforms to reach consumers, but truly communicating with people on a personal level can be a challenge. The key to success is relevance and timing. Email marketing can be made more relevant when marketers capitalize on digital behavior and target customers who have performed or not performed a specific action. These smarter email campaigns are proven to catapult open, click-through and conversion rates.

Red Wing Shoes began manufacturing boots in 1905. Since that time Red Wing has grown a worldwide presence with over 500 store locations. They turned to Three Deep Marketing in an attempt to increase promotional sales by developing and deploying “smarter” email campaigns.

To deliver key results, Three Deep developed a dynamic marketing automation model. Rather than a one-size-fits-all message and batch-and-blast campaign, emails were designed with personalized content based on the contact's past interaction with emails. Consumers received messages tailored to their behavior, store location, footwear or accessories that meet their unique interest.

Another element of personalization is mobile-friendly design. More than half the emails sent by Red Wing are opened on a mobile device. Knowing that, Three Deep built all emails using responsive design allowing the layout of the content to automatically conform to the smaller screens of mobile devices. Providing an outstanding user experience for every consumer, no matter what technology they use.

126% Revenue Increase

Red Wing was able to quickly see results and calculate a positive return on investment. Based on a year-over-year comparison, email-driven revenue increased 126%. These returns are largely attributed to Three Deep’s marketing automation strategy and execution.

Better results, better relationships

What the client said:

"Our company recognizes we have the potential to drive increased revenues when we put more sophisticated email strategies into play. The success of our fall promotion was eye-opening. We’re confident now we’ll continue to capitalize on marketing automation programs and love knowing we can count on the experts at Three Deep Marketing to lead the charge."

– Dave Schneider, Red Wing Shoes

Email Creative Elements That Make Difference

  • The headline combined a value message with urgency
  • A secondary headline highlights the specific offer
  • The copy that follows briefly reminds the recipient Red Wing boots are discounted only twice each year
  • An prominent call-to-action button uses active language and reiterates the offer
  • To help overcome a popular objection, the caption points out no form fills are required (and mentions a store locator feature)
  • An interesting customer testimonial adds a storytelling element and human touch

All emails used were responsive; meaning the layout of the content automatically conforms to the smaller screens of mobile devices. Analytics from the Red Wing campaign revealed 58% of the emails were opened on mobile phones and tablets

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