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Waytek Wire

Waytek Wire SEO to Recover from Poor Site Migration

New Design Without SEO Costs Traffic

Three Deep Marketing has expertise in all elements of Search Engine Optimization – technical, content, mobile, video and local. Partnering with Waytek Wire we were able to help them recover from an organic traffic loss after a site redesign. After the recent redesign by their external development provider, Marketing Manager Jim Keister noticed that organic traffic began to tumble. Initial traffic data showed that the website was driving 50% less traffic than it was prior to the redesign.

Services driving the results.


50%+ Traffic Recovery

Three Deep’s proven process for SEO engagements begins with an SEO Audit. This is an in-depth look at a site, where we surface prioritized recommendations that will have the greatest levels of impact. We have found that context is key to understanding recommendations, so we provided on-site SEO training to the Waytek team, which gave them the perspective to support implementation of the next steps.

Website transitions with care.

Website transitions need to be handled with care. When dealing with major site wide changes, a multitude of decisions need to be carefully considered in order to ensure that any sort of traffic loss in minimized. After implementing our recommendations, Waytek not only recovered from the organic traffic loss, we have exceeded prior performance and continue to trend upward.

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